9 good blogging tools

9 good blogging tools

starting a blog And growing a blog can be challenging. Plus finding the right and good blogging tool is. may not be easy And besides, we can’t do everything on the blog. So we need help. We can use helper tools. to save time
and we have put together a good helper To develop our blog, let’s go and see what it has.

Free blog and blog tools that everyone should use.


Many people may not know There are several free tools to help your blog grow. and provides details about the growth of the blog as well.

2 Canva

Canva is a free blogging tool, and others recommend using it as an amazing and easy-to-use design tool. Click here to use the free Canva or Canva pro.

3 Tailwind

Tailwind is the perfect scheduling tool for Pinterest that can save time. You can also schedule pins whenever you want.
Tailwind can also help you grow your followers and increase your Pinterest traffic.

4 Grammarly

We often write articles, we may have spelling mistakes in our content. Grammar check spelling mistakes. punctuation

Grammarly Punctuation is available for free. however Premium features cover correct grammar and sentence structure.

5 mailer lite

Maintaining an email list is essential to blogging growth. or your small business You can create landing pages. Automated email series And the
Maillerlite membership form is available for free. and have up to 1000 members, but if you have more Just upgraded and pay $10/m, which is not expensive.

6 Freshbooks

If you have a business or are self-employed May have to create a receipt or invoice. should therefore be used to Record your payments, taxes, and expenses.
track download
Create invoices for customers


is to prevent theft the content of your article

8 Element

It helps to create a landing page to increase the number of visitors to become members. For example, if you have a free e-book or free template, but don’t know how to show it? for visitors to register and download more Therefore, we use the landing page to help visitors. Sign up for seminars, download ebooks, etc.

9 Ubersuggest

It is a free keyword search engine. That helps search concepts, keywords, and related information very well. and is available for free

Good tools help solve problems and save time in work. I hope everyone will find this article useful. If you have a good tool to recommend, we can recommend it.


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