I m a person who likes to draw and create digital works.
We live in  Swedish with family and like learning , liked to take a photo
if you are looking for. in come when you are at home through online sales
– but still don’t know how to start
– don’t know what to do
– Don’t know what to do
– don’t know where to sell
we can help you

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I m a Thai woman living in Sweden. We used to dream since childhood that we want to be good at drawing. I want to produce work to sell by myself. but haven’t done it until the time of taking care of the child So it’s time to start studying. and started to come back to do what he wanted to do since childhood So I want to share the knowledge that I have. For those who don’t know how to get started and how to do it, I hope it will be helpful more or less.


is one of my hobbies that I like to take photos of food and landscape. For those who like to take pictures, you can talk to us.