How to increase visibility on Pinterest

How to increase visibility on Pinterest

Hello, in the last post Add explains how to create a business account. and the reason why it should be created If you haven’t read it yet go read it here.

But if you have a business account, that’s great. We are going to increase the visibility of our board.

Why is board optimization important? Because if your board on Pinterest has quality. It will cause more people to visit your website. And doing it is not difficult at all.

Pinterest is a useful pinning site. And people are searching for a lot of things, so if you want to use Pinterest for business to increase your website’s visibility. You need to optimize your profile. So that Pinterest users can find you and click on your blog from Pinterest.

If you want people to see your blog, you must effectively adjust the content. Write something useful.

Pinterest = Image

Pinterest’s work is communicated with images. So the image you create on the board is important. If you can create a board that stands out Attracting attention to the user will keep the searched people from scrolling through.

board creation

Let’s start by creating aboard.

1 Click on our profile picture

2 Go to Board

3 Click Create Board.

Choose a name

Choosing a board name is important. And our board name will make it easier for people to find us. If the name is searched by a lot of people So how do you set it up?

The pine board can be searched, just like a pin, the user can search for things on the board. So we have to determine our ranking.

And if we name the board as you like, we may not be interested in anyone. Or you can find it at all.

How to find the board name people are searching for

Go to the search box above. and type a word about the product or the pin that we will embroider

When we type the words will see that there are other words Add them to the line below.

The word that appears is a word that has been searched for before And we put these words on a board or a pin in our account. come to meet us more easily and the more we pin We have increased visibility from more places.

Follow up and conversation


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