How to make 3D Lettering in Procreate

How to make 3D Lettering in Procreate

Usually, when we write letters or characters in Procreate, it will be 2 d and it can be boring at times to have to write 2 D letters for people to read all the time. Today you will learn how to transform a simple 2 d letter into more dimensions. and it’s a beautiful 3d font

Techniques for making 3D lettering

Step 1

-Start by putting the background color you like. and enter letters The way you like it, I write “Belive ”.

-Done, duplicate the text layer. up another floor
– Select the first text layer. and tap to select Alpha Lock You will notice that the background has changed.

-Choose the color in the upper right corner can choose the color you like Or match your theme, I chose orange. Then select Fill Layer. and to move the letter down slightly obliquely (Set your own light and shadow In this I set the light on the top left corner )

– Connect the letters to each other by unlocking the Clipping mark off the orange text layer. and add orange to make it look connected with white to make it look beautiful


Step 2

– Create a Shadow for the Text
-duplicate the white layer

– Drag it under the orange text layer.

-Fill that layer with light gray. and reduce the opacity to about 25% and drag the shadow along the falling light path.

Step 3

– Add color shades to give the text a dimension. By creating a new layer, select “Clipping Mask” to avoid overflowing the color elsewhere. This will make the text look more dimensional. and it seems that there is light through the text

It’s done with your 3D typography.

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